GTD Simple version 0.4.6 published

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Another step to make using GTD Simple easier. In this version I have added one feature, relatively simple, but quite useful. You will see the new feature, when you use filter. Now you should notice that every context, project and tag ends with number of items, that are tagged with that context, project or tag. Maybe it is not quite clear description, so let take a look at the filter drawer in the current version of GTD Simple:

Filter by context


Here we have 3 items assigned to context “Errands”, 5 items assigned to “Home” context and 3 assigned to “Meetings”. The similar situation is with projects and tags:



Filter by projects
Filter by tags


As usually the newest version of GTD Simple is available on Google Play:


Install GTD Simple


2 thoughts on “
GTD Simple version 0.4.6 published

  1. Hi, Michael! Thanks for your contribution.

    Where are the sync data kept? Which server and under which conficetiality rules?

    This will tell me what I can use it for.

    Once again, thanks for yout time!!


    1. Hi Pablo,
      Data are kept on firebase database, you can read about it on
      Currently data are not encrypted, and stored in a tree-like structure. Each user has his own branch.

      Let me know if you need more information.


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