GTD Simple for 50% till April 11th

Sale! GTD Simple for 50%!

GTD Simple just for 50% till April 11th! 


What is this promotion for?

This is promotion for GDT Simple. GTD Simple i GTD Simple Free (and also GTD Simple Web) are applications implementing Getting Things Done methodology (created by David Allen) as close to the original idea as possible. Which means you don't have to set up anything in the application before you start act according to GTD methodology. Read about this  application here.

Below you can read what GTD Simple users say about this application:

  • Wow! (M M Ganesh)

  • Está evoluindo rapidamente! (Marcos Ribeiro Oliveira)

  • O melhor aplicativo GTD de todos. Simples e direito. Super recomendado. (Cleber Marques)

  • This is as close to gtd that I can see and it’s connected to your calendar of choice!!! Thanks a whole bunch guys!! (Jonathan Chapman)

  • Finally I have found what I was searching for  (Anonymous)

  • Tak się właśnie złożyło, że jestem po lekturze GTD Allena i postanowiłem poszukać czegoś co pozwoli mi na organizacje możliwie jak najbliżej tego co przeczytałem. Ale na litość boska, nie spodziewałem się, ze ktoś zrealizuje tą koncepcją 1:1. Wielkie dzięki za tą aplikację, zdecydowanie powinna być popularniejsza! (Jan Kowalski)



What is GDT?

GTD is an abbreviation of Getting Things Done.  It is a time management method, described in a book  by David Allen, the famous productivity consultant.  The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind and record them externally in some trusted system (such as GTD Simple). Then tasks and projects should be divided into actionable work items. This allows one to focus attention on taking action on tasks, instead of recalling them.

Who is it for?

I would say GDT is almost for everyone. But it would be to easy, so I will give you some bullets. GTD is for someone who:

  • wants to increase his productivity,
  • wants to know what exactly he should choose to d,
  • wants to have more energy,
  • wants to remove the "trash" from his head,
  • has a procrastination problem,
  • wants to stay calm,
  • wants to manage the chaos,
  • forgets,
  • has ideas worth not to forget.

As I said before - it is for everyone 😉








Click and install it from Google Play: 

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play






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