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GTD Simple v. 0.3.21 published on Google Play. Now you can connect GTD Simple with calendar.

New feature in this version – integration with calendar.

How to use it?


First go to “Settings”.


Press “Integrate with calendar” and choose a calendar to be associated with GRB Simple.



As you can see the calendar you choose is visible in settings now.


Now open task in editor and set a due date.


Your task should look similar to the image above.


Soon after you press OK, your task will be created in selected calendar.


When you delete or modify the task, the task in the calendar will be updated.

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GTD Simple v. 0.3.21 published on Google Play. Now you can connect GTD Simple with calendar.

    1. I discovered why the app is freezing on Android. The app was not allowed to access the calendar. Of course this should not freeze the app, but it is possible to show a message suggesting the access release.
      Android: Settings-> Apps-> GTD Simple-> Permissions-> Calendar

      Tips for now:
      Create a website, just like Trello did. At work is better to some people.
      Allow photo upload. Take photos in real time.
      Integration with other repository app like OneDrive. For reference files.

      1. There is some issue with the settings and calendar. Please update to the newest version which has this functionality disabled. Beta version available on GooglePlay has calendar integration unlocked.

      1. Hello, how to connect with google agenda? I bought the full version and so far could not connect. I already tried to contact the app developers through Google Play but I did not receive any feedback!

        1. Hi Bruno,
          I have just resend my email to you sent previously on March 20th. In case it will fall to spam folder, please read here the main part:

          First possible reason that came to my mind is permission issue. When system asked you of permissions for calendar – did you allow GTD to use it?
          If it is the possible reason, please do following:
          1. Open Google Play and find there GTD Simple.
          2. Press ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall your current instance of GTD Simple.
          3. When uninstalled – press ‘Install’ button to install GTD Simple.
          4. When you will be asked for any permission – press allow .
          5. Run GTD Simple, log in to your account (the same you were using before, so all your data stored in the cloud will be accessible).
          6. Go to settings and choose the calendar you want to connect with.

          Or alternatively you can:
          1. Go to system settings.
          2. Choose ‘Applications’.
          3. Find ‘GTD Simple’.
          4. Choose ‘Permissions’ and allow for permission for calendar.

          Now create some test action task and set the due date. This task should appear in the calendar you choose in few minutes.

          Best regards,

          1. Hello.
            If I create an event in Google Calendar, will this event appear in GTD? Or just the other way around, only the events created in GTD appear in Google Calendar?

          2. Hi,
            it should work in both directions. Now I can see there is a problem here. Thank you for pointing it. I will work to fix this ASAP.

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