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One step back

Unfortunately on some devices there is serious problem with calendar integration. The good news is that it works well on many more devices. I am working on solution but it is not ready yet. So until there is no working solution, one step back was made: a special version 0.3.23 step back was prepared, which has disabled functionality causing a problem (integration with calendar). 


If you want to try if on your device integration with calendar works well, you can use 0.3.24 beta version (here is the link).

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One step back

  1. I do not know if you read my review, but the problem on my device was that the app was not allowed to access the calendar. Having given this access solved the freezing problem.
    It has a detail: I had managed to activate integration with the calendar in the previous version, I updated the version, the option is inactive and remains integrated. I do not care, I even prefer. When I create a scheduled item, the calendar also updates.

    Well, I don’t know where to report this to you, but I’ve encountered two more problems. And this I found while using the new version.
    1 – When I want to return an item to the “Inbox” and it is in “Next actions”, the app returns to the list of “Next actions”, but the item remains there. If I select the item again in the list, it opens as a new task, named “Task” and if I select “OK”, the app freezes. This only happens with the list of “Next actions”.
    2 – The other problem, now just visual, is that if I clear the “Next actions” list, the Dashboard still shows one item in the list.

    I hope I have helped and that my English does not hinder understanding.

  2. Hi Ayslan,
    I read your review very carefully, and believe me – such reviews are very welcome. Being short:
    – the settings freezing issue is still something I am working on. Yesterday I published next Beta version ( ) which probably contains solutions. Probably – because it works well on two mobiles I have tested it on: one with android 4.2 and one with 5.1. I hope it will work also on others. So please try this Beta version – there is no more differences then improvements in settings mechanism.

    – problem with moving item back to items: I will investigate it. On the other hand: it is strongly not recommended to put any items back to inbox, according to GTD methodology 😉

    – counter problem – to be investigated

    Best Regards,
    Michał Dudziak

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