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GTD Simple – pure GTD android application

GTD Simple

What is it

GTD Simple is an android application for GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) methodology.

Why did I create this app

After reading Davids Allen book “Getting Things Done the art of stress-free productivity” I started to test tools supporting GTD. Finally I stayed with Evernote with special setup of tags and folders. It works quite well, especially Evernote is very useful for collecting notes, scans etc. However I was not feel comfortable using it as a GTD tool, because I had to do to many steps to select a context or a project for an item. So I started to work on GTD Simple.

Taking into consideration my experiences with using Evernote I decided to create GTD application from scratch. I have designed GTD Simple basing on my GTD setup for Evernote, but it is much more easy to use it for GTD methodology.

Who is it for

For everyone, who wants to act according to GTD rules and have an android mobile, or tablet.

You can use it both for private or professional life.

I have created GTD Simple just for GTD, so it is not yet another universal tool for task management but rather as pure implementation of GTD as I was able to do. It is in relatively early stage of “life” and it is still under development, so every user can influence the direction of development of GTD Simple.

How to use it

I recommend to get familiar with GDT methodology at the beginning, it will make using GTD Simple simple 🙂

However, if you don’t want to go deep into GTD, here is the short algorithm:

  • add to the system every thing that came to you (idea, thing to do, thing to remember etc.). Do it by pressing ‘+’ button, or using a widget. New items will go to Inbox.
  • review the Inbox regular. You should analyse and classify each item:
    1. if it is actionable, mark it as an action,
    2. if it has to be done at particular time/date, set the due date,
    3. assign context, project and tags if possible,
    4. mark it as reference, if it is something to be referenced to ,
    5. mark it as waiting for, if it is something you have to wait for (eg. you ordered sth. in internet) ,
    6. if this is something to be incubated, mark it someday/maybe
    7. trash mark as trash
    8. if you can do it in less than 2 minutes, do it
    9. you can add a description, mark it as urgent and/or important,
    10. if you want to add it to todays plan, mark it with a star,
    11. finally press “OK”,
  • every day review Today, Next Actions, Waiting for, Scheduled to be on track,
  • every week review Someday/maybe, Next Actions, Scheduled,
  • use context filter when you change your context, eg. when you are at work, use context filter “Work”. When you have time to make some phone calls, use context “Phone”,
  • mark done items with checkbox, regular review Completed and Trash.

Questions and answers

  • Are you planning to add any features to backup data?
    • Yes, backup will be available in some next version. However GTD Simple uses Firebase database, which is online remote database. It means, that GTD Simple will store all your data remotely so even if you have your mobile damaged, your data is safe, if you provided your email during installation.
    • Update: starting with version 0.3.19 you can transform your anonymous account to the account with login and password. It means that GTD Simple will transfer all your data to the new account and will safely store in the firebase database. See this  post about important imrovement
  • Will you add reminders and or notifications to GTD Simple?
    • Yes, they are on my “Next actions” list.
    • It is available now.
  • Is there an option for capturing images/scanning? So I can store receipts and documents?
    • There is no such option yet. In the future I plan to add such option.
  • What about integration or import from Evernote?
    • This idea is safely stored on my Someday/maybe list 😉




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