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Version 0.4.0 ready! What happened to the filter? How to filter by context, project and tag?

Someone who used to GTD Simple functionality could be a little bit surprised with version 0.4.0. First question is: where are filters for projects, contexts and tags? Are they gone away?

The answer is: No!

What happened? Changes, changes, changes…. in fact improvements. Due to making usage of GTD Simple simpler I changed the way filter is accessible. To filter by context, project or tag just swype from right edge, so the right drawer menu will appear. Then press what you want to filter by, and voila! Should work.


I think it’s better to see how does it looks like, then read about it. So, please find few pictures and one video below:


Please let me know if anything is not clear.


GTD Simple is available on Google Play

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