GTD Simple available on WWW as GTD Simple Web

GTD Simple Web

I am very happy that I can officially write: a web version of the GTD Simple application, the GTD Simple Web, was created. The application is available at It is currently in the Alpha version, which means that not everything works as I would like. The works are still under way, so the functionality and reliability will grow.

What is already working

  • Displaying tasks by:
    • Inbox,
    • Today,
    • Next actions,
    • Waiting,
    • Scheduled,
    • Someday,
    • Reference,
    • All,
    • done
    • Trash
  • Adding, deleting and editing tasks,
  • Submission of context, design, tags,
  • Setting the date of execution and reminder,
  • Marking selected tasks with a star.

What does not work yet

  • Filtering by context, design, tag, importance, urgency,
  • Settings,
  • Set the hour and minute on the execution date and reminders,
  • The Polish version (as well as Russian, French, Portuguese and Spanish) is missing,
  • Some minor things that I have not mentioned here.

Current state

I tried to keep the graphic and functional similar to the android version. This is not a one-to-one similarity,   but I think I managed to keep a big similarity. Hence, it will be easy to use the current GDT Simple to use both versions interchangeably. Most importantly – both the smartphone and web version use the same database. Thanks to this, the data is automatically synchronized between the two versions.

GTD Simple Web Alpha version is free.


GTD Simple Web is intended primarily for computers. I checked the operation of GTD Simple Web on a smartphone and tablet. Conclusions? On the tablet (Android) it is quite well, but it is much better to have a native application on your smartphone then trying to work with this web version. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to check how GTD Simple Web on devices from the iPads family. If anyone of you can check it out, I will be grateful for the information.

And finally, I would like to remind you the GTD Simple Web address:

5 komentarzy do “
GTD Simple available on WWW as GTD Simple Web”

  1. Génial, c’est une superbe initiative ! Un vrai plus qui va faire de cette application un vrai must ! Plus rien à envier par rapport aux ténors du marché comme todoist. En plus votre application respecte vraiment les principes GTD. Bravo !

    J’en profite pour faire une observation en comparant les version alpha pour le web et android. La recherche „Important” ne fonctionne pas sur la version française. Alors que sur la version web ça fonctionne bien.

    Bonne continuation

    1. Hi, thank you ! 🙂
      About the 'Important’ issue – I will investigate that. However there is no search at Web version as far as I know. I will check what is happening on French version.

  2. I have opened the web version with my google account, read the tutorial, but do not see where to access the settings…

    1. Hi,
      the WEB version is still in Alpha phase so not all the functionalities are present. Currently it is rather dedicated as a secondary user interface, and Android Application is the primary one.


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