Recently I got following opinion about GTD Simple on the Google Play: „I have been looking for a properly functional, GTD based task manager for years. Thank you for this, it works great!” It makes me feel great. I can see my approach to the GTD for Android makes sense 🙂 Dear users – thank you all for your comments and trust! MD

GTD Simple new version

New version GTD Simple Free and GTD Simple new version 1.3.7 are now available.   What is new This version contains fix for issue with calendar synchronization. Entries in the calendar were multiplied while editing the case. This fix was possible thanks to users comments.   Install Both version, free and ads free ara available on Google Play: GDT Simple: GTD Simple Free:


Spring Spring is coming, all the nature is starting to grow and bloom. The world is going to be colorful again, so is the GTD Simple. New colors GTD Simple trying to fit the spring conditions became more colorful. Check it!   Also available free version with ads:

Stress free and productive

Top 7 reasons you should use GDT Simple

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Cta_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] 1. Makes you more stress-free and productive. Everyone wants to be more productive. Everyone doesn’t like stress. With GTD Simple you could be more productive and stress-free just because of acting according to the GDT methodology. When you store all the ideas, things to do, facts to remember to the the trustworthy place instead of your head, your head will be free. You could use your brain not… Czytaj więcej »
Top 7 reasons you should use GDT Simple

GTD Simple available on WWW as GTD Simple Web

GTD Simple Web I am very happy that I can officially write: a web version of the GTD Simple application, the GTD Simple Web, was created. The application is available at It is currently in the Alpha version, which means that not everything works as I would like. The works are still under way, so the functionality and reliability will grow. What is already working Displaying tasks by: Inbox,… Czytaj więcej »
GTD Simple available on WWW as GTD Simple Web – new work of MD Lab

At the end of 2017 started new web application. This web application helps you to make free and online to which it is possible to perform an online and free analysis of the profitability of installation of solar panels on the roof of your home. The result of the analysis is a complete report describing the parameters of the proposed photovoltaic installation, its cost and possible savings. Go to product… Czytaj więcej » – new work of MD Lab

Changes in GTD Simple

What is new I’m glad to communicate that GTD Simple is developing. The version everybody knows as called GTD Simple and having ads, now changes its name. New name of it is GTD Simple Free. ‚Free’ – because you do not have to pay any fees to use it. But there are also users, who don’t want to have any blinking ads on the screen – and for those users… Czytaj więcej »
Changes in GTD Simple

GTB Shopping List is back!

It was a quite long time I didn’t touch my other app, GTD Shopping List. I was focused on other projects, for example on GTD Simple. But yesterday I wanted to make some order in our weekly shopping, and I decided to use GTB Shopping List for it. All the work consisted on few steps. Let me list them here: 1. First step was to talk with my wife about… Czytaj więcej » GTB Shopping List is back!