Good news for users from Portugal and Brazil!

I have a good news for Portuguese users! Well, it is supposed to be a good news 😉 – I have added Portuguese language to GTD Simple – and this is a good news. The other news is that I do not know this language very well, so probably there are some mistakes. If you see that Portuguese translation of GDT Simple has a mistake, please let me know so I will correct it.


And here is how does the app GTD Simple looks like in Portuguese:

GTD Simple in Portuguese language

GTD Simple in Portuguese language

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Good news for users from Portugal and Brazil!”

  1. Hello, how do you work for translation? If you send me a file with strings i can translate it to french for you if you want to.

    1. Hi, it’s a super offer, it would be great if you translate GTD Simple to French. Currently I have limitted access to the internet, and no access to the source code. I will be available in about two weeks, and send you the file with strings.
      Best Regards!

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