GTB Shopping List is back!

It was a quite long time I didn’t touch my other app, GTD Shopping List. I was focused on other projects, for example on GTD Simple. But yesterday I wanted to make some order in our weekly shopping, and I decided to use GTB Shopping List for it. All the work consisted on few steps. Let me list them here:

1. First step was to talk with my wife about the idea 😉

2. Then we started to plan what dinners do we have in the next week.

3. In the mean time I wrote down all the recipes for the meals we like to eat, and entered them into the GTB Shopping list.

4. When we had a complete list of the dinners I had added them to the Planner in the GTB Shopping List.

5. Next I marked all the days with meals I wanted to have a shopping list for and clicked „add” button. It added all the ingredients to the current shopping list.

6. The last step before visiting the shop was to review the list to remove all the ingredients we already do have.

Next time we will do such planning it will be easier. Now I have almost all the recipes entered into the application, so planning should go much faster. If you are curious if GTB Shopping List may help you, you can get it on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

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