GTD Simple

Too much to do and lack of time?

Use an application that helps you to manage all your cases. Try the method proven by milions of people around the world.

GTD Simple

GTD® for busy people

GTD Simple is a reliable application for managing time and tasks according to the Getting Things Done® method.


GTD Simple Free

GTD® for busy people

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5 stages of GTD processing


Quick task adding in accordance with the GTD approach. Adding tasks without starting the application:

  • using the widget
  • using the shortcut from the notification bar,
  • by sharing content from other applications,
  • from the application level.

For the GTD system to work efficiently, you need to gather in one place all the matters that you think are unfinished.

Big and small, urgent and ordinary, personal and professional. For this you need a tool available at any time.

You have your phone at your fingertips almost all the time, thanks to GTD Simple you can add every case you just thought about with one click.


Analysis of the contents of the input box point by point. Thanks to GTD Simple, you’ll easily find all things to analyze in the Inbox folder.

For each case in the folder, you need to ask a few questions:

  • What is this? – to go further with case processing, you need to know what the thing you are analyzing is.
  • Should something be done about it? – only two answers are possible here: YES and NO.
    • If the answer is NO, you have three options:
      • it’s rubbish, throw it in the Trash right away,
      • now you don’t have to do anything about it, but maybe one day you will want to. It should go to a Maybe/sometime folder,
      • Tthis is useful information worth keeping, it should go to the Archives.
    • If the answer is YES, set two things:
      • What should be the result of this task?
      • What is the next action to be performed?


Organizing involves placing each item in the appropriate directory, defining the context, marking the project and tagging. The GTD Simple editor is designed so that every thing can be efficiently described and its place determined.

  • Context, design and tag as you type displays a list of currently matching items.
  • If you want to assign more contexts and tags, use the window with a list of existing elements and select the necessary contexts and tags.
  • Mark urgent tasks with the lightning icon. It will have red letters in the task list.
  • Important tasks are marked with an exclamation mark. In the list of tasks displayed in bold fonts.
  • You can mark the selected tasks with an asterisk, you can quickly display them in the Agenda folder.
  • Select the case type by clicking Action, Once, Pending, Archive, Recycle Bin.
  • Set the due date and alarm for timely tasks.


A key step in the Getting Things Done method is to review cases periodically. With GTD Simple, you’ll be able to review the entire spectrum of personal and professional matters at the right intervals and at the right levels.

You can view your cases and tasks by contexts, projects, tags, catalogs. You can only view important and / or urgent matters and tasks. You can enter a phrase and filter tasks containing the entered phrase. As a result, you get a powerful tool that allows you to navigate efficiently in the maze of hundreds or even thousands of cases.


Ultimately, the essence of any task management system is to perform the right tasks at the right time and place.

GTD Simple is created so that you can conveniently view a list of only those matters that are possible to be carried out in your current location, related to the selected project, appropriate to your resources, energy and time.

Choose the right context, design, tag, select whether you want to see only urgent, only important, and maybe only urgent and important matters?

You will receive a list of only those matters that meet all your criteria.

To make it work even better...


View of all catalogs with a preview of the content. Clear appearance, easy navigation, status overview. GTD supporting structure:

  • Inbox – an inbox of inbound matters,
  • Next actions – cases from the inbox to be considered as tasks to be carried out as soon as possible,
  • Scheduled tasks – tasks with a specific deadline,
  • Waiting for… – tasks delegated to be performed by someone else,
  • Someday / maybe – matters that still need to mature,
  • Reference – that is, matters to refer to. Information we will be returning to,
  • Completed – matters marked as completed land here,
  • Trash – here matters deleted at any stage. Removing a case that is in the trash removes it irreversibly.
  • Today – folder expanding the GTD scheme. Automatically collects:
    • tasks scheduled for today and delayed,
    • urgent tasks,
    • tasks marked with an asterisk.


Available wherever it may be needed. Sort by context, project, tag, importance, urgency, or any combination of criteria.

The filter is available in the control panel and in all directories. Navigating between directories does not reset the filter.

To get to the filter, simply pull the case list or control panel down.


Convenient „Today” view. Overview of tasks that should be looked at first:

  • delayed,
  • scheduled for today,
  • starred,
  • urgent.

The schedule of the day is a shortcut to things that should be noted first. In the morning after starting work you will do a quick overview of things for today.

Why to install GTD Simple?

Intuitive interface

Easy to add tasks and notes. Ergonomic editor.

Quick search

The search engine easily available. Flexible and effective.

Implements GTD

Processing of cases in accordance with the GTD methodology

First things first

Marking important and urgent cases.

Simplicity i usability

As simple as possible. Without bells and whistles. Contains just what you need.

Makes you control everything

Access to all cases by project, context and tag.

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