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GTB Shopping List

What is it

GTB Shopping List is an android application which is expected to help in shopping. This is more than simple checklist. With GTB Shopping List you can:

  • dictate the shopping list,
  • easily import shopping list received via SMS or email,
  • select products from the database,
  • type products with keyboard.

If you set prices for products on your list, you will get amount of money to spend, amount of money for products already marked as bought, and amount of money for products not found yet.

Why this app was created

I am a husband and a father. So when I go shopping there is much more then 10 items on my shopping list usually. Typically I return from the market to my car with almost full shopping cart.

Few years ago I have been using simple paper shopping lists prepared by my wife. So I had long piece of paper with twenty to forty items. They were mixed, eg. pasta was just next to milk, and butter was between ham and juice. As an effect I had to walk market alloys sometimes there and back until I complete all the list.

First idea was to find an app for my mobile that will improve the process of shopping. I have tried few apps, but I couldn’t find the one that fits my needs. They were to simple, or to sophisticated. Or they didn’t work as I expected.
So I wrote my own app, it is still available on Google Play as Getting Things Bought Lite. Very simple, and still not perfect.

Then I have created GTD Shopping List. It is more sophisticated than Getting Things Bought Lite, but in the same time much more handy and helpful. Now I can say that this app really helps me in shopping. I say to my mobile what I have to buy, and GTD Shopping List creates a shopping list with all the items divided into groups like fruits, meat, pasta etc. And it does it automatically.

Additionally I can provide amounts and prices for every item, so GTB Shopping List calculates the amount of money I will spend while shopping. And during shopping I can check how much money would cost the products I have already in my basket, and how much there are not added yet.

Who is it for

The main goals were following:

  • ability to clearly mark items put in the basket,
  • items should be grouped in categories, so I can limit the distance I had to walk while shopping – eg. when I am in the alloy with pasta, I put all the kinds of pasta I need to buy,
  • ability to create more than one shopping list, so you can plan your shopping in advance.
  • ability to share one shopping list with other person, so shopping could be done in parallel,
  • easy way of creating shopping list, which means ability to dictate, write, import from email or SMS or choosing from within list of products.

How to use it

There are several scenarios of using GTB Shopping List. The simplest one:

  1. I press the microphone button and start to dictate items to buy. Every item should be separated by “and”.
  2. GTB Shopping List will automatically group items in categories. If any item is not recognised automatically, user have to help and provide the proper category name.
  3. In the shop, mark checkbox in front of every product you put in the basket, so it falls down to bottom part of the list and you have clear view for items that are not yet bought.

Instead of dictating, you can type items separated by “,”, or paste text with shopping list copied from SMS or email.

Questions and answers

To be written….



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