Top 7 reasons you should use GDT Simple

Stress free and productive
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1. Makes you more stress-free and productive.

Everyone wants to be more productive. Everyone doesn’t like stress. With GTD Simple you could be more productive and stress-free just because of acting according to the GDT methodology. When you store all the ideas, things to do, facts to remember to the the trustworthy place instead of your head, your head will be free. You could use your brain not to store things, but to be creative. 

This way stress can be reduced, and productivity can be increased by putting reminders about everything you are not working on into a trusted system external to your mind. This way you can work on current task without being distracted by all the unfinished tasks, that were previously on your mind. David Allen calls them „open loops”.

2. Implements well known and trustworthy methodology.

Getting Things Done methodology was created by David Allen, the productivity consultant. He published his book „Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” in 2001. During all the years GDT have been used by millions of people. It helped many people to enter some order in their lives and to manage their duties. 

3. An intuitive practical application.

GTD Simple is an application which is ready to work as a center of your GDT system. It can be a  storage for all your „open loops”, to keep lists of your tasks to do and to remind about all the scheduled tasks or events. It doesn’t  need much configuration. You can set the calendar to integrate with, and choose wether the „Smart Add” functionality should be turned on. Everything else just works without need of any setup. You have an Inbox, where all the new tasks goes. You have lists for Next Action tasks, Someday/Maybe tasks, Waiting for tasks, Reference tasks and Scheduled tasks.

4. Fast adding to Inbox.

GDT Simple is designed to be easy to use. To add a case – which can be a task, a reference note, an idea – you need just one or two finger taps, wherever you are. When you don’t have any application open, you can use the widget on the home screen. When you have opened any other application, you can use „Smart add” button available from the notification bar. Finally, when you are in the GDT Simple application, you can use the floating red button with ’+’ sign to add new task.

5. GTD task types.

GTD Simple offers you predefined types of the cases, which are:

  • action,
  • someday/maybe,
  • waiting,
  • reference

and finally: trash. While editing the task you should assign appropriate type to it. When done tasks will automatically go to correct list/folder.

6. Additional view „Today”.

This is small but very useful extension for the GTD system. It is a special folder which shows all the tasks you should be aware of today. It contains all the tasks delayed and scheduled for today, all the tasks which you marked with the star and all the tasks that are marked as urgent. It is a good place to start the day with.

7. Calendar integration.

When you turn on calendar integration, you will see all your scheduled tasks in the google calendar you choose. 

Last but not least…

There are more useful features then 7, but it is good idea to discover it by yourself. Let me just mention them:

  • GTD Simple has filters:
    • by context,
    • by project,
    • by tag,
    • by importance,
    • by urgency,
  • You can join filters – for example you can filter all the important tasks from context „Home”, belonging to project „New kitchen” with tag „FIRST STEP”,
  • When editing tasks you will see all the matching contexts, projects and tags while typing them,
  • Due date and reminder has few predefined and practical values in menu,
  • There is an web application available: – so you can work both on android device and a laptop or desktop,
  • There is free and paid version. Paid one have no ads.

If you find it useful or interesting, please share it!

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Top 7 reasons you should use GDT Simple”

    1. Hi,
      there is no recurring tasks yet. But you are not the first one who is asking about it, so they will be available soon.

      Repeating tasks are already available! 🙂


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